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Drug Interventionist in New Jersey

For most families the most overwhelming part of getting their loved one help is simply convincing them to enter treatment. Too many families feel that this is an issue that they must tackle alone. What most people do not realize is that there is an assistive process where you can receive the service of a professional to encourage your loved on to begin treatment. This process is called an intervention. An interventionist is a trained mental health professional who will guide you through the process of confronting your loved one who is battling addiction and persuade them to enter a treatment program.

An intervention for drug or alcohol addiction is typically an involved process spanning several days. The interventionist works to empower, educate, and change the dynamics of a family, as well lead the addicted family member into a genuine desire to enter treatment. This specialist will guide you through all of the stages of preparation that will need to occur before the intervention can take place. Intervention Services provides comprehensive interventions, which are guided by a certified intervention specialist. We believe that to bring your loved one to a healthier, sober life we must help to heal both the addict as well as the family.

Who is an Intervention Services Specialist?

This person is a highly trained individual who understands the process of an intervention. They also realize how much both the addicted family member, as well as the rest of the family, requires assistance and support throughout the intervention process.

What is the goal of an Intervention?

There are common misconceptions surrounding the intervention process and the goals of an intervention. Most people believe that the sole focus of an intervention is getting the addict to enter treatment. While that this often the result of an effectively delivered intervention, it is not the only goal. It is also commonly believed that an intervention is a painful and difficult process of the addicted family member and the rest of the family. When properly conducted this is not the                                        ase.

The goal of an intervention is to provide support and guidance to the entire family. By providing this support, the likelihood of entering and completing a treatment program climbs. This is because not only is the addicted family member getting the help they need, so too is the rest of the family who will work alongside the recovering addict.

Are Interventions successful?

In contrast to the misconception, persuading an addicted family member to begin a treatment program does not have to be a painful or difficult process. Because your family will have the assistance of an Interventions Services Specialist, you will have the information you need to move through the intervention successfully and painlessly. With between 6 to 10 successful interventions each week, we at Intervention Services help approximately 90 percent of our clients to enter a treatment program for their addiction. With such high rates of success this does not have to be a complicated process.

Is the help of a professional necessary?

Some families may feel that this is a process they can handle on their own. They may try to carry out an intervention without the help of a professional. Unfortunately, without the guidance of an intervention specialist, you may not have the tools you need to succeed. Even if you have initial success you may find that your loved one checks out of the program within a few days.

By using an Intervention Services Specialist you will have all the help you need. Your family will be supported and energized through the process. Your loved one will have all the support they need to get into a treatment program and be successful.


“Why Families Wait?” is a presentation delivered by our Founder, David Lee, at the Mt. Vernon, Iowa Town Hall to family members, educators, and law enforcement to help understand the complex dynamics involved when connected to a substance abuser.

To find an interventionist in your area, or to learn about the intervention process, call us: